De Schiervellaan 1 • Rotem • € 9.000.000,- k.k.

Soort woning Kasteel, vrijstaande woning
Woonoppervlakte 2.330 m2
Perceeloppervlakte 135.000 m2
Totaal aantal kamers 18


Dit oogstrelend Historisch kasteel verkeert in excellente conditie en wordt al eeuwenlang omringd door een bosrijk landgoed met park van 13,5 ha.

De indrukwekkende uitstraling van dit kasteel wordt mede bepaald door schitterende kleurstelling en klassieke elegantie.
Het interieur laat aan authenticiteit op detailniveau eveneens niets te wensen over dankzij het topontwerp van Architect Vittorio Simoni.

Het kasteel heeft vanuit alle vertrekken schitterende vergezichten en kan zowel voor bewoning, als voor combinatie wonen en werken worden ingezet.
Daarnaast beschikt het kasteel over diverse faciliteiten voor het houden van paarden.
Aan de voorzijde van het kasteel zijn een tweetal koetshuizen gelegen met garage’s en paardestallen.

Uniek is de parkachtige inrichting van het perceel met omzoomde weilanden, fraaie monumentale boomgroepen, bospercelen en zichtlijnen en lichte glooiingen.

Enkele extra's:
Garage voor 4 auto's
Authentieke wijnkelder
Wellness met suana, fittness, jacuzzi's


Chateau Ommerstein is located in the province of Limburg, which borders Belgium, Holland and Germany, within a radius of 500 km from the most important European capitals: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and also from London. Many international airports, like Amsterdam, Brussels, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are only a few hundred kilometers away. Local airports for private jets, such as Maastricht, Eindhoven and Genk, are no more than 20 kilometers from Ommerstein.

The castle is surrounded by an ancient park, famous for its great variety of trees and plants. This one of the kind in Belgium park gives Ommerstein its unique character, and accentuates the synergy of nature and culture. Apart from oaks, beeches and lime trees the park features:
the highest in Belgium Lebanon cedar
• a North African Atlas cedar
• a few bald-cypress trees
• a sequoia giganteum or mammoth tree from California
• a pinus mugo, or exotic mountain pine
• a pinus strobus or Weymouth pine
• a quercus robur tortuosa, an exotic type of oak
• two tulip trees, or magnolias
• an American bird cherry prunus, or prunus scrotina from North America.

The interior design is characterized by high attention to details. Vittorio Simoni, the architect, chose the language of the classic style elegance combined with the freedom of Art Deco style.

During the renovation the left gatehouse was turned into an exceptionally attractive modern house with garages on the ground floor. Inside the right gatehouse are stables and a storage room, as well as an office.

You enter the castle by the monumental Belgian hardstone staircase. The castle is partially surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped moat. Originally, in front of the entrance there was also a drawbridge, which was demolished in 1905. Today a beautiful classical style swimming pool and two natural ponds adorn this area.
The roof of the building was changed every time a new renovation took place. It was partly removed, when during World War II the Germans installed an observation platform to detect allied airplanes. After the war the building got a slate roof, which consisted of two parts. During the latest renovation the roof was fully restored in its original form. It now features a large roof terrace with a remarkable tower, which is undoubtedly the oldest part of the building.
To the right and to the left of the castle two gatehouses are located. One of them served as stables and the other - as a coach house. Together those two buildings form a monumental entrance to the castle. All the buildings of the classical architectural ensemble of Chateau Ommerstein are like the instruments in a musical ensemble, sounding together to create a compelling whole.

The history of the castle goes back to the 13th century. Most of the present neoclassical building dates back to the 18th century. In the roof tower there is a sandstone block, which bears an inscription of the year 1772. Thus, it’s believed, that this is the year of the original building construction. From the 19th century and onwards we can well trace the history of the renovations.
In 1840 the moat was partly filled in, and the castle at that time was only half the present size. In 1902 the gatehouses were considerably reduced in size, whereas the castle itself was enlarged. As far as the name Ommerstein is concerned, it first appeared in the chronicles in 1662. It is an imaginary name “Ommer Stein, Immer Stein”, which means “forever solid as stone”.
In 2002 the castle together with the gatehouses, the park and the whole territory was officially listed due to its historical, architectural and sociocultural value. The complete renovation of Chateau Ommerstein started in 1999, and lasted for eight years

Located in Dilsen (Belgium), a protected area containing a park as well as a nature reserve, the Castle of Ommerstein comments a towering position offering breathtaking panoramic vistas. It is sited upon more then 13,5 hectares, of verdant beauty, this historic estate of timeless enchantment is recognized as one of the most unique dwellings in Europe. The castle has an impressive provenance. The structure, whose origins date back almost 750 years, and over the centuries, passed between several notable owners.
Ommerstein consists of a multitude of parcels. Meadows alternate with plough land, clusters of trees with park, and through all of this two brooks, the Kogbeek and the Zuurveldbeek, the latter flowing out into the former, wind their way to the Meuse. The Kogbeek hasn’t got a natural source anymore and is only irrigated at high water level. After the Meuse had changed its course in the 15th century the brook found a slow but new destination draining into an old river bed, the Dijkbeek. A unique sight is the park which was laid out in the typical landscape style by the then owner Baron de Schiervel around 1830.

living space (m 2) 2.330
plot (ha) 13
bedrooms 12
bathrooms 7
spa 1
outside swimming pool 1
car parking 8
stables 6
gatehouses 2
concierge apartment 1

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